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Recognizing the uniqueness of different individuals with schizophrenia: Research reveals large differences between individual patients

Schizophrenia is an extremely variable psychiatric disorder which is diagnosed based on the presence of specific symptoms. Thomas Wolfers and André Marquand of Radboud university medical center investigated how much the brains of individual patients diagnosed with schizophrenia differ from the ‘average’ patient. For this purpose, they compared brain scans of 250 healthy individuals with […]

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Effective ketamine doses for treatment-resistant depression

A study led by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators identifies two subanesthetic dosage levels of the anesthetic drug ketamine that appear to provide significant symptom relief to patients with treatment-resistant depression. In the October 2018 issue of Molecular Psychiatry they describe finding that single intravenous doses of 0.5 mg/kg and 1.0 mg/kg were more effective […]

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Link between childhood adversity, burnout and depression

A study on childhood adversity at The University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing found that undergraduate nursing students who were exposed to a higher number of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) — such as abuse, neglect or family dysfunction — encountered higher levels of burnout and depression. ACEs can have negative, lasting effects […]

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Rethinking lethality in youth suicide attempts: Firearms are a major factor in first suicide attempts in youth ages 10 to 24

First suicide attempts are more lethal than previously realized, reports a study of children and adolescents published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (JAACAP). Seventy-one percent of youth dying by suicide did so on their first attempt, also known as the “index” attempt; the authors also found that firearms […]

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Junk Food Consumption Increases The Risk Of Depression, Study Finds

Multi-country study calls for GPs to give dietary advice as part of depression treatment An analysis of 41 multi-country studies has found that a diet high in junk food raises the risk of developing depression, reports The Guardian. The study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, took place in Britain, Spain, and Australia. Researchers examined […]

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3 Simple Steps To Help You Get Out Of Debt Once And For All

There’s no shame in admitting you have a problem with personal debt. In fact, it’s very brave. Many people bury their head in the sand, choosing to ignore mounting bills and missed payments – this can be incredibly stressful and have a significant impact on happiness, health and wellbeing. That being said, it’s important to […]

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Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

Getting nervous before giving a presentation at school or before a big game is normal – but if you’ve ever felt like you’re going to lose control, have a heart attack, or even “go crazy”, you might have had a panic attack. If you’re so afraid of having another panic attack that you stop participating […]

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These Are The Most Common Misconceptions About Anxiety

Anxiety is a term that is thrown around often. More often than not people use this word without having a full understanding of exactly what it means. The phrases ‘they have anxiety’ or ‘I’m feeling anxious’ is used to describe a myriad of emotions such as anger, worry, frustration, irritation and fear. ‘Anxiety’ is used […]

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Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts

Little is known about how brief yet acute stressors — such as war, natural disasters and terror attacks — affect those exposed to them, though human experience suggests they have long-term impacts. Two recent studies of tree swallows uncover long-term consequences of such passing but major stressful events. Both studies provide information on how major […]