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Time changes, women charged more than men

If next Sunday the clocks will be put back to an hour back, which means sleeping an hour longer. But not everyone is happy about it, as a recent survey conducted on behalf of the KKH Commercial health insurance shows. Especially women and children, the time change causes problems. Accordingly, around two-thirds of the women […]

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E.coli is more likely to be spread through poor toilet hygiene

Not washing your hands after going to the toilet ‘puts you at a greater risk of catching potentially deadly E.coli than eating undercooked chicken or pork’ Experts found most drug resistant E. coli strains are spread between humans The ‘likeliest route’ of catching it is through faecal particles entering your mouth E. coli bacteria normally […]

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Three or more hours on social media interrupts teenagers' sleep

Teenagers who trawl through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for three hours each day have worse sleeping patterns, scientists say Almost 12,000 teenagers reported their social media use and sleeping patters More than one in three were deemed ‘high users’, of three or more hours a day They are more than twice as likely to stay […]

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3-D mammography: More breast cancers detected

A pilot trial of 3-D mammography—tomosynthesis—has shown that breast cancer detection, recall for assessment, and screen reading time were each higher than for standard mammography, but it is too soon to tell if more detection leads to better health outcomes for women, according to the authors of research published today in the Medical Journal of […]

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Hospital-wide use of high-risk antibiotics associated with more C. difficile infections

Higher hospital-wide use of four classes of antibiotics thought to increase the risk of the dangerous intestinal illness Clostridioides difficile were associated with increased prevalence of hospital-associated C. difficile, according to a study published today in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America. For every 100 days […]