Health Problems

Trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure

Trips to the toilet at night are a sign of high blood pressure, according to results from the Watari study presented today at the 83rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS 2019). “Our study indicates that if you need to urinate in the night—called nocturia—you may have elevated blood pressure and/or excess […]

Health News

Women who work nights are 9% more likely to have an early menopause

Women who work night shifts are nine per cent more likely to have an early menopause – even if it is only occasionally Disrupts the sleep-hormone melatonin, which may affect the ovaries Stress and tiredness might interfere with oestrogen, triggering early menopause Early menopause raises the risk of heart disease and osteoporosis  e-mail 16 View comments Women […]

Health News

Late night snacker? Make it cottage cheese

Eager to eat a snack before bedtime? A protein-filled snack like cottage cheese is the way to go, say Florida State University researchers. Associate Professor of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences Michael Ormsbee and former FSU graduate student Samantha Leyh found that consuming 30 grams of protein about 30 minutes before bed appears to have […]

Pet Care

ASPCA Helps People and Pets at National Night Out

Left to Right: The ASPCA’s Susana Villa and Miguel Torres with Cindy Birchall and her dog, Blanche, at the East L.A. National Night Out event. For the third straight year, ASPCA representatives joined police officers to celebrate National Night Out on Tuesday, August 7. ASPCA staff and volunteers participated in a total of 16 events […]