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‘Terrorism does not terrorize’ claims new study

A major review of over 400 research articles studying the association between acts of terrorism and mental health has reached the significant conclusion that ‘terrorism isn’t terrorising’ – at least not in a way that causes increases in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) greater than would be expected from any other distressing event. The findings, released […]

Kids Health

Mindy Kaling's Daughter Is Not Impressed by Mom's Singing

Good luck getting a peek at Mindy Kaling’s daughter, Katherine Swati. The baby is now 9 months old, and Kaling has managed to keep her (and Katherine’s baby daddy, damn it!) hidden from the world at large. Impressive. But fortunately for Kaling lovers (like us), she talks about motherhood — and all the weirdness that […]

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Nail polishes with ‘n-free’ labels are not necessarily free of toxic compounds

Consumers are growing more knowledgeable about the potential health effects of nail polish, and manufacturers have taken action. They have started removing potentially toxic ingredients and labeling their products as being free of those substances. However, these labels aren’t always accurate, and reformulated products aren’t necessarily safer, according to a report in Environmental Science & […]

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‘An ambulance is NOT a taxi to A&E’, report says

‘An ambulance is NOT a taxi to A&E’: Report calls for paramedics to treat more patients roadside to save the NHS £300 million each year Lord Carter of Coles led the review, which examined 10 ambulance trusts The Labour peer said the move could alleviate pressure on UK hospitals  ‘Too many are being unnecessarily taken to […]

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Pills for appendicitis? Surgery often not needed, study says

A new study says surgery isn’t always needed for appendicitis and that antibiotics instead can often do the trick. The results from Finland contradict decades of thinking about the best way to treat an inflamed appendix. The condition has long been thought to be a medical emergency because of the risk for a burst appendix, […]

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ACA expansion did not improve access to complex surgeries for low-income/minority patients

A first look at the Affordable Care Act (ACA)’s Medicaid expansion finds that despite expectations, there was no increased use of complex surgical procedures at high volume hospitals—a proxy for high quality hospitals—among ethnic/racial minorities and low-income populations. The findings came from comparing surgery records from high-volume hospitals in three states that opted in to […]

Health Problems

The paradox of ‘suicide in happy places’ seems not to exist

Several years ago, a research paper made headlines by finding that the happiest states in the United States also had the highest suicide rates. This seemingly paradoxical conclusion caught the attention of a trio of researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and University of California Irvine for a different reason: could there be more […]