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One in SIX GP surgeries has closed since 2004

One in SIX GP surgeries has closed since 2004 and there are now more than 45% MORE patients per practice The average practice in England now has over 8,500 patients  Analysis of NHS figures show 670 surgeries have more than 15,000 patients Some bodies believe merging and closures will continue, adding pressure But others have […]

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Parents of Yemen conjoined twins worry only one will survive

Conjoined twins born sharing the same body but with their own heart, lungs and backbones face fight for survival Twins Abdul-Khaliq and Abdul-Rahim were born conjoined at the neck in January They are in an incubator in intensive care, currently in a ‘stable’ condition Doctors said they need care outside of Yemen, a war-stricken country  […]

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Blood Test May One Day Help Track Concussion Recovery

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 7, 2018 — It may be possible to use a blood test to diagnose and manage athletes’ concussions, but the results could vary by race and gender, researchers report. In the new study, investigators analyzed the blood of college athletes and found that levels of certain proteins and peptides (“biomarkers”) were higher in […]

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T-cell biofactories find, fight disease in one fell swoop

NIBIB-funded researchers have transformed T cells into drug factories engineered to find cells carrying specific diseases in the body—and then produce therapeutic proteins localized to the diseased cells. Senior author Parijat Bhatnagar, Ph.D., director of cell-based medicine at the SRI International Center for Chemical Biology, Menlo Park, California, and his colleagues engineered the T-cell “biofactories” […]

Pet Care

A Life After Cruelty: One Pit Bull Finds a Family to Love

Julie Sonenberg had been looking for a pit bull to adopt for almost a year—one who would mesh well with her five-year-old daughter Billie, her husband David and their 11-year-old Pug, Milton. “After we moved to the suburbs in 2017, I began looking for a second dog,” explains Julie, Senior Administrative Manager for the ASPCA’s […]