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French Parenting is Out, Swedish Parenting is In

Parents, you’re going to want to hear this latest batch of parenting secrets — whether or not you’re already an international aficionado who follows French parenting tips about how to get your bébé to eat their haricots and has fully outfitted your home in Danish hygge style. It’s time to turn your attention to another […]

Kids Health

Is your partner’s temper harming your child?

There are complex situations which can make a child's life very difficult. Personal histories play an important role. If you had a parent who hit you, you might have learnt that as acceptable behaviour. Some people may have a personality disorder which is so deep-rooted that it's nearly impossible to change. By Ritika Jain When […]

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What Congenital Heart Disease Means for Your Child

Congenital heart defects are the most common of all birth defects. But if your child is diagnosed with one, it feels like you’re entering strange, uncharted territory. Instead of welcoming your newborn to a cozy nursery at home, you’re glued to the hospital, immersed in a crash course on an unfamiliar condition such as ventricular […]

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5 Reasons Good Cop/Bad Cop Parenting Doesn't Work

In your house, is one parent the disciplinarian while the other is the cheerleader? It’s important for parents to look at their own recurring habits in how they are making joint decisions, dealing with conflict, and relaying all that to their kids; are they presenting a united front? It benefits the whole family for both […]

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STEM learning can prepare your kids for real world challenges

STEM learning is skill-based and very hands-on as they require children to use their hands to gain specific kind of knowledge and develop particular skills. Woodcraft, CPR, saving local wildlife, coding, etc, are skills which stay with students for life and can be used by them during their education as well as later in life. […]

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How children can spin fiction from a photograph

Sometimes, the image needn't provide a beginning, end, or story-premise; only serving as inspiration for the main characters. So this might be a story about two friends or two neighbours, or even a familiar uncle-aunt (of the child) who loves outdoor activities and staying fit and healthy. By Kartik Bajoria A picture tells a thousand […]