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Thousands of people 'wait months for NHS mental health services'

Thousands of patients ‘wait months for NHS mental health services’ on hidden waiting lists which see gaps of more than six weeks between appointments Waits between first and second appointments can stretch longer than six weeks  There have been more than 1.6million mental health referrals over the past year NHS offers counselling for depression and […]

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Research examines how mistakes can make people ‘tune out’

Failure may not be the great teacher that conventional wisdom says it is. New research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business finds that, contrary to common belief, people learn less from failure than from success. “Our society celebrates failure as a teachable moment,” write the study’s authors, Prof. Ayelet Fishbach and postdoctoral […]

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Mumps study shows immunity gaps among vaccinated people

Immunity against mumps virus appears insufficient in a fraction of college-aged people who were vaccinated in childhood, research from Emory Vaccine Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates. The findings highlight the need to better understand the immune response to mumps and mumps vaccines. The results of the study are scheduled for […]