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Obese people outnumber smokers two to one

New figures from Cancer Research UK show that people who are obese now outnumber people who smoke two to one in the UK, and excess weight causes more cases of certain cancers than smoking, as the charity urges Government action to tackle obesity. Almost a third of UK adults are obese and, while smoking is […]

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Anesthesiologists Reveal The Craziest Things People Say After Surgery

Anyone who’s received anesthesia can attest that the medication makes them feel pretty loopy. Although many won’t remember their experience, it’s fairly common to say some wacky things after waking up. On Reddit, a user asked anesthesiologists to post the funniest things people have said while under gas. One commenter relayed how a patient stroked […]

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What would people say? What would people think?

I couldn’t quite work out what was going on. It was the week before Christmas, and I was about to be sworn in as a Member of Victoria’s Parliament. By confronting the culture of silence that surrounds mental illness, we can confront the stigma that so often allows it to prevail. For my colleagues, it […]