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How savers make decisions

Would you rather have now five euros or ten euros in a month? Both decisions have their advantages and disadvantages. Anyone who waits will be rewarded with double the amount. But who knows what is in a month? Is it not smarter to invest in an ice cream, as long as the sun is still […]

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Misunderstanding food date labels linked with higher food discards: Confusion about when to worry about food safety is widespread

A new survey examining U.S. consumer attitudes and behaviors related to food date labels found widespread confusion, leading to unnecessary discards, increased waste and food safety risks. The survey analysis was led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF), which is based at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public […]

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Are the late Stephen Hawking’s religious beliefs typical of U.K. scientists? United Kingdom scientists far less religious than general population, study shows

The late Stephen Hawking famously didn’t believe in God. Neither does the renowned Richard Dawkins. But is that typical for U.K. scientists? In a new study, researchers from Rice University, Baruch College and West Virginia University find that scientists are indeed significantly less religious than the general population there. In addition, U.K. scientists at elite […]

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Self-perception and reality seem to line-up when it comes to judging our own personality: For most people, how you think of yourself closely matches that of your peers

When it comes to self-assessment, new U of T research suggests that maybe we do have a pretty good handle on our own personalities after all. “It’s widely assumed that people have rose-coloured glasses on when they consider their own personality,” says Brian Connelly, an associate professor in U of T Scarborough’s Department of Management. […]

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Employee incentives can lead to unethical behavior in the workplace

Considering end-of-year bonuses for your employees? Supervisors be forewarned, a new study finds that while incentive rewards can help motivate and increase employee performance it can also lead to unethical behavior in the workplace. “Goal fixation can have a profound impact on employee behavior, and the damaging effects appear to be growing stronger in today’s […]

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Binary bias distorts how we integrate information

When we evaluate and compare a range of data points — whether that data is related to health outcomes, head counts, or menu prices — we tend to neglect the relative strength of the evidence and treat it as simply binary, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological […]

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Stress can impair memory, reduce brain size in middle age

Adults in their 40s and 50s with higher levels of cortisol — a hormone linked to stress — performed worse on memory and other cognitive tasks than peers of the same age with average cortisol levels, research found. Higher cortisol in the blood also was associated with smaller brain volumes, according to the study, published […]

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Research affirms the power of ‘we’: Largest-ever analysis of couples’ pronoun use affirms the relationship between

A healthy relationship starts with the word “we.” Past research by UC Riverside psychologist Megan Robbins has emphasized the power of first-person personal pronouns such as “we” and “us” in relationships. “We-talk” is an indicator of interdependence, meaning partners affect one another’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This is a shift from self-oriented to relationship-oriented. New […]