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Science Says Stop Spanking

For the last 20 years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has discouraged parents from spanking their children, albeit indirectly. (A 1998 policy simply "encouraged" parents to use "methods other than spanking.") However, the AAP is now taking a tougher stance against the so-called disciplinary tool.  According to new guidelines released on the AAP News & […]

Health Problems

New paper stresses the importance of ecological thinking and diverse study samples to improve psychological science

For decades, consensus among psychologists has held that a cluster of five personality traits—or a slight variation thereof—universally defines the structure of human personality.Previous research conducted in high-income countries and across many cultures found strong support for what experts refer to as the “Big Five”—openness, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion and neuroticism. However, when UC Santa Barbara […]

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Pot enhances sexual desire, according to science

Long before molly (MDMA) came on the scene, pot was considered the drug of choice to get in the mood for love. Now science is confirming what children of the ’60s have long known. Marijuana can make you more amorous more often. A research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM) explored the connection […]

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There’s really not much proof probiotics work: Study

Over the past decade, probiotic dietary supplements have turned into a multi-million dollar industry, taken by almost 4 million adults and prescribed by up to 60 percent of health care providers. Yet the scientific community has known little about whether or not they actually work. But this is likely to change, thanks to two back-to-back […]

Personal Health

Together, big data, bench science and genome-wide diagnostics predict genomic instability that can lead to disease

They are the most common repeated elements in the human genome; more than a million copies are scattered among and between our genes. Called Alu elements, these relatively short (approximately 300 Watson-Crick base pairs), repetitive non-coding sequences of DNA have been implicated in the rapid evolution of humans and non-human primate species. Unfortunately, these repeats […]

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The Science Behind Those Romantic Bachelorette Dates

The Bachelorette is finishing up for another year and like the rest of Australia our hearts are breaking over the last remaining bachelors. Let’s be honest as much as the bachelors like to think Georgia spends all of her spare time planning those lavish, romantic dates lighting 8721 candles. We all know that the show’s producers have spent […]