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Sun protection in the profession

A Form of non melanoma skin cancer and their precursors are recognized for 2015 as an occupational disease. How people schüappreciate köcan, the tagsüber draußen work People with a profession connected with a lot of sun exposed to radiation, have a höheres risk für skin cancer The sun is burning. On the construction site at […]

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Breast cancer cells become invasive by changing their identity

Researchers from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have identified a protein that determines the identity and invasive properties of breast cancer cells. The finding could lead to the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies to target breast cancer invasion and metastasis. The study is published in the scientific journal Cancer Research. Cancer cell invasion of […]

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Imaging collaboration sheds new light on cancer growth

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researchers have uncovered new insights into how the normal controls on cell growth are lost in cancer cells, leading to rapid tumour expansion. The findings could help researchers predict how cancer cells respond to chemotherapy and improve our understanding of how cancer evolves. Published in the journal Cell Cycle, the […]

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Heart attack: Substitute muscle thanks to stem cells

Myocardial infarction — commonly known as a heart attack — is still one of the main causes of death. According to the Federal Statistical Office, more than 49,00 people died of its consequences. And yet the mortality after heart attack has greatly decreased over the past decades: As compared to the early 1990s, it has […]

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Canine melanoma study identifies genetic basis of disease; potential drug targets: Discoveries among dogs could someday lead to improved genome-based cancer treatments for both dogs and humans

As a veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn Duregger is familiar with the telltale signs of canine melanoma. So when she gave her own dog, Parker, a routine oral examination, the 1-centimeter-diameter discolored lump in the pup’s upper right gums took her breath away. “It’s an aggressive cancer with poor prognosis that I’ve seen many times. My stomach […]

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Common skin cancer can signal increased risk of other cancers

People who develop abnormally frequent cases of a skin cancer known as basal cell carcinoma appear to be at significantly increased risk for the development of other cancers, including blood, breast, colon and prostate cancers, according to a preliminary study by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The increased susceptibility is likely caused […]