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Walnut diet: How nuts the Slimming clearly facilitate

Walnuts: appetite-control by means of activation of targeted regions of the brain There are daily reports of new and effective forms of diet. Generally, nuts have long been one of the most valuable food known, they have diseases, a positive effect on our metabolism and are very well suited for the Prevention of cardiovascular. Scientists […]

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Diet formula: lose weight with the 12-hour rule

Slimming by 12 hours of non-decreasing rule The 12-hour rule can help to reduce weight. These scientifically studied diet is not really a waiver of a rule, but creates the lose weight by keeping eating times. By no means a fitness guru has devised this diet formula, but a team of researchers led by Dr. […]

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Diet diet: By avoiding Breakfast promote weight loss!

Weight loss on Breakfast? The statement that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for people who are trying to remove, doesn’t really seem to apply. Previously it was said that people take in the morning, a balanced Breakfast, slimming successful, compared with people who consume no Breakfast, but an Australian research […]

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Apotheken Umschau from 1.1.: Editorial video

Under the Motto #acts locally in the current issue deals with the power spectrum of the pharmacies. To gehören, for example support with breast cancer and maßtailored cosmetic Editor-in-chief Dr. Hans Haltmeier in Gespräch with the pharmacist Martin Allwang Further topics of the current magazine: Gentler therapy for breast cancer New law on organ donation […]