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Parents urge officials to approve a life-saving drug for their son

Parents beg officials to approve the life-saving £450,000 drug which can treat the rare condition crippling their five-year-old son Finley Newell, from Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, has spinal muscular atrophy   A drug already exists which could improve his life but the NHS can’t buy it In August regulators said the £450,000 drug was not value for money  […]

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Lauren Conrad Confirms Her Son Is a Tiny Drunk Adult

A few years back, at the height of listicle culture, a handful of outlets put together pieces with titles like, "Babies Act Just Like Drunk Adults." The evidence they provided was compelling: Babies are sloppy eaters who often use their hands; babies babble incoherently; babies really struggle with their balance. Now, Lauren Conrad is revitalizing […]