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Study sheds new light on how epigenetic events might spur disease

Scientists are increasingly tracing a variety of diseases back to the so-called epigenome, a type of indexing system imposed on DNA that dictates how genes should be read by the cells. Now, a new study finds that changes in two epigenetics mechanisms—DNA and histone methylation—may interact to spur disease. The scientists looked at two developmental […]

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Methadone for cancer: a First clinical study starts

A few years ago had been shown in the laboratory that methadone makes cancer cells more sensitive to chemotherapy, and they can die off faster. Since the topic is being discussed in the media and among experts hot now to clear up a by the German cancer aid-funded clinical study, whether the use of methadone […]

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Study offers alternative explanation for much-heralded decline in hospital readmission rates under pay-for-performance

The decline in hospital readmission rates that occurred following the launch of a federal program designed to improve quality of care and reduce repeat hospitalizations has been lauded as proof of the program’s effectiveness. But a new analysis led by researchers at Harvard Medical School offers an alternative explanation for the outcome. The findings, published […]

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Kidney cancer study uncovers new subtypes and clues to better diagnosis and treatment

The researchers used the most advanced genomic and proteomic technologies available to tease out their proteogenomic characteristics, defined as genetic makeup (genomics), chemical modifications to DNA (epigenomics), messenger RNA located in cells that serves as template to make proteins (transcriptomics), and proteins (proteomics) and their modification by phosphate group (phosphoproteomics), a modification known to regulate […]

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Poor evidence cannabis improves mental health: study

People with psychiatric disorders may want to pass on the joint—at least until further research is done, a new Australian study suggests. The paper, published Monday in The Lancet Psychiatry, looked at 83 previous studies conducted over almost four decades on medical cannabinoids, including products from the cannabis plant, such as leaves, buds and oils. […]

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Candidate Ebola vaccine still effective when highly diluted, macaque study finds

A single dose of a highly diluted VSV-Ebola virus (EBOV) vaccine—approximately one-millionth of what is in the vaccine being used to help control the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)—remains fully protective against disease in experimentally infected monkeys, according to National Institutes of Health scientists. The NIH investigators completed the […]