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Conjoined twins successfully separated in 6-hour surgery

The girls were separated for the first time in a six-hour surgery at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. (Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne Creative Studio) Twin sisters are recovering and sleeping apart for the first time in their 15 months of life after undergoing a six-hour separation surgery. Nima and Dawa Peldon, of Bhutan, were born joined […]

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Eye research targets scar tissue that forms after surgery

Today’s cataract surgery is often described as a marvel of modern medicine, a one-hour outpatient procedure that has spared millions from blindness, especially in developed countries. But nothing is perfect. “Modern cataract surgery is one of the most miraculous human health innovations,” said Melinda Duncan, professor of biological sciences at the University of Delaware. “It […]

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Surgery students struggle to use their hands, professor warns

Surgery students are struggling to use their hands because they spent ‘too much time watching TV’ rather than sewing or playing an instrument as children Professor Roger Kneebone claims students missed out on crafts as youngsters Despite having very good grades, many are ‘incompetent’ with their hands Professor Kneebone has seen student dexterity decrease in the […]

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Aspirin alone a good clot buster after knee surgery

When it comes to preventing blood clots after a knee replacement, good old aspirin may be just as effective as newer, more expensive drugs. That swap could help reduce the cost of caring for the nearly 1 million Americans who have a knee fixed each year, Michigan Medicine researchers say. After knee surgery, there’s a […]

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Does less-invasive surgery make sense for you?

(HealthDay)—Among the most significant advances in surgery has been the development of laparoscopic—or minimally invasive—procedures. These are new ways to perform many standard operations, with a few, very small incisions, often barely a half-inch long, compared to traditional so-called open surgery with one incision several inches long. To perform an operation this way, the surgeon […]

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Pills for appendicitis? Surgery often not needed, study says

A new study says surgery isn’t always needed for appendicitis and that antibiotics instead can often do the trick. The results from Finland contradict decades of thinking about the best way to treat an inflamed appendix. The condition has long been thought to be a medical emergency because of the risk for a burst appendix, […]

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Mother died after developing sepsis from surgery to remove a BUNION

Mother-of-one died after developing sepsis from surgery to remove a BUNION Pamela Simmons underwent a minor operation to have the bony lump removed Days later, she complained of feeling unwell and collapsed at home Despite being blue-lighted to hospital, Ms Simmons was discharged  e-mail 2 View comments A mother-of-one died after developing sepsis from an […]

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Six-year-old becomes first in Mali to have open heart surgery

A six-year-old girl became Mali’s first open heart surgery patient on Monday, after a successful procedure performed by a team of Malian and French surgeons that was a first for the African nation. Fanta Diarra, who was diagnosed with a heart condition when she was just a baby, underwent the operation in what medics hope […]

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Preparing for Outpatient or “Day” Surgery

Preparing for surgery can feel overwhelming or scary if you don’t know what to expect. You may have some unanswered questions and worries that make you feel this way. Knowing what to expect will help you feel less nervous and more in control. Be sure to get specific questions answered by your health care provider(s). […]