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It can take a village to feed hungry kids in schools

One in 6 American children faces hunger and 3 out of 4 teachers report regularly seeing hungry kids in their classrooms. In response, school meals make up a large fraction of federal food assistance. The National School Lunch Program is the second-largest federal food assistance program, serving 30.4 million children. It is complemented by the […]

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Take this advice for sleeping during a heatwave

It is the time of year when steamy nights can leave us tossing and turning in the early hours of the morning (and fronting up to work the next day with sore heads and bleary eyes, as if we had spent the evening doing something much more exciting). So is there a sneaky trick to […]

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Take it outside! The benefits of exercising outdoors

(HealthDay)—If you’ve ever come home from a brisk walk feeling reinvigorated, you’re not alone. Research shows that this is just one of many benefits of exercising outdoors. Working out in a natural environment can also be more physically challenging, making your body work harder and bringing greater fitness results. This happens when, for instance, you’re […]

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Paralyzed patients take first steps after implant, intense rehab

May 22, 2018: Jeff Marquis of Louisville, Ky., is helped by his physical therapist.  (AP) Three people whose legs were paralyzed for years can stand and take steps again thanks to an electrical implant that zaps the injured spinal cord — along with months of intense rehab, researchers reported Monday. The milestone, reported by two […]

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Join the Factory Farm Detox: Take a Bite Out of Farm Animal Cruelty

This month, we’re launching one of our biggest fights against cruel factory farming ever. The Factory Farm Detox is a weeklong commitment to animals, the planet and your health. From September 24-30, detox participants across the country will avoid all factory farmed foods, opting instead for welfare-certified meat, eggs and dairy, as well as plant-based […]