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This simple finger test 'can reveal if you have cancer'

Simple finger test that can reveal if you have lung cancer: Clubbed nails which don’t create a diamond-shaped gap when pressed back-to-back ‘could be a sign of disease’, nurse warns Healthy people should see a diamond-shaped gap between their nails together Those without a gap may have clubbed fingers, which can be a sign of […]

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DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly

Risk-free mouth-swab DNA test reveals if surgery patients are at risk of scarring badly after an operation First-of-its-kind screening takes less than a minute and is completely risk-free The simple, first-of-its-kind mouth-swab DNA test takes less than a minute  After a week results can indicate the chances of an abnormal scar developing Surgery patients can […]

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Blood test detects if breast cancer will return a YEAR before scans

Pioneering blood test can detect if breast cancer will return almost a YEAR before secondary tumours appear on hospital scans The pioneering ‘liquid biopsy’ is almost 80 per cent accurate, tests have found It analyses a patient’s blood for DNA fragments released by their own tumours  Charities have praised the ‘extremely exciting’ results of the […]

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New biomarker test improves diagnosis of ovarian cancer

The majority of women who undergo surgery for suspected ovarian cancer do not have cancer. A novel blood test developed by researchers at Uppsala University and the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, now offers the possibility of more precise diagnostics without the need for surgery. This could lead to a reduction in unnecessary surgery and […]