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These 2 Celeb Kids are BFFs, & We Can't Handle It

Apparently, Savannah Guthrie’s daughter, Vale, and Kelly Clarkson’s daughter, River Rose — both 4 years old — are now best friends. Gotta hand it to those Today parties. Today celebrated International Day of the Girl Child on Thursday, and Guthrie and Clarkson happily led their girls onstage to participate in the festivities. And what festivities! […]

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These YA Novels That Discuss Sexual Assault Are More Important Than Ever

Long before Kavanaugh, Weinstein, #MeToo and more brought the topic of sexual violence front and center in the news cycle, activists have emphasized the importance of educating kids of all genders about “yes means yes” consent and the devastating effects of rape culture.  Important movements are happening on college campuses across the nation, but conversations about […]

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What Should These Sex Positions *Really* Be Called?

Have you ever looked at your lipstick color’s incredible name (*ahem* Fenty’s “Ma’ Damn”) and thought: Who gets the amazing job of naming these? Okay, now what about sex positions? Who picked “doggy style” and “cowgirl” and “missionary”? (Honestly, you’re failing compared to the lipstick people…) Well, now it’s your turn to try your hand […]

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These Are Australia's Most Popular Baby Names

There’s a few things the British royal family do best: nail polished glamour, rear corgis and apparently, pick baby names.  Charlotte—a name shared by the Duchess of Cambridge’s two-year-old princess—has topped the list of the most popular girls’ names in Australia for a second year in a row.  According to a study by social researchers McCrindle, 1817 girls were named Charlotte out […]