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How Not to Get Bitten by Ticks This Summer

The last thing you want to bring home from a long hike or a quick dog walk is a case of Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, or even a single one of the ticks that carry these (and more) diseases. But to protect yourself properly, you’ve got to get the right product. “Many people […]

Health News

A Series of Small Changes Helped This Guy Lose Nearly 100 Pounds

• Unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle caused Palak Satia’s weight to peak at nearly 290 pounds. • He committed to walking two miles a day and restricted his daily intake to 1700 calories. • The result has been a dramatic, nearly 100-pound weight loss transformation. Palak Setia remembers the exact moment when he realized […]

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This Dad's 'Meal Request' on Nextdoor Is Delightfully Tone-Deaf

So there’s this overly demanding dad whose Nextdoor meal request is taking the internet by storm, and causing quite the fuss. Allow us to preface this story with two disclaimers: We’re all for new parents waving the white flag and calling out for some reinforcements. Just…maybe…you know…don’t go about it like this. Maybe? Philly resident […]