Pet Care

This November 6, Make Your Vote Count for Animals!

It’s less than one month until Election Day! Before you head to the polls on Tuesday, November 6, remember to keep animal welfare issues front of mind. If humane candidates are not elected to office, we cannot pass humane laws—and the stakes are as high as ever this year. Although this isn’t a Presidential election […]

Personal Health

I have had this mole-like thing on my chest for almost a year now. I thought it used to be a pimple that I popped, but instead of disappearing it became this big soft fatty bump on my chest which makes me look like I have 3 nipples! Is this a bad sign? Do I need to see my doctor?

Anytime you have a skin problem that doesn’t go away, you should make an appointment with your health care provider. Small lumps or cysts (fluid filled sacs under the skin) are common and most of the time aren’t dangerous. They can sometimes get infected and in very rare cases they can be something serious. It […]

Pet Care

Black Cat Appreciation Day Is This Friday!

It’s that time of year again! Black Cat Appreciation day is this Friday, August 17. And we hope you’ll join us in celebrating our feline friends by considering opening your heart and your home to an adorable black cat or kitten.  In honor of this special day, the ASPCA Adoption Center will offer a “name your adoption […]

Kids Health

This One Thing Saved Me From the Postpartum Abyss

My first pregnancy was like a dream. Shiny hair, radiant skin, fruit salad cravings and beautiful, sentimental sonograms. I even made an album of all my sonogram pictures, coordinating with our wedding colors. If this was motherhood, I had nailed it. Yup, even peeing in my pants every now and again was all still magical. […]