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How to sleep soundly in spite of the time change

Twice a year, Albertans reset their clocks for daylight saving time and begin the more difficult task of resetting their internal clock as well. While daylight saving time has been accepted for decades by most Canadians, it can play havoc with sleep patterns no matter your age. This weekend Albertans will see the time fall […]

Health News

Surgery students struggle to use their hands, professor warns

Surgery students are struggling to use their hands because they spent ‘too much time watching TV’ rather than sewing or playing an instrument as children Professor Roger Kneebone claims students missed out on crafts as youngsters Despite having very good grades, many are ‘incompetent’ with their hands Professor Kneebone has seen student dexterity decrease in the […]

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Time to rethink how we diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

With all the focus on Alzheimer disease in recent years as a result of the aging population, what have we learned? A symposium at The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Annual Meeting in San Diego, October 3-6, will not only review conflicting evidence regarding the best way to diagnose the disease, but also the latest […]