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Time with grandkids could boost health and even lifespan

Julie Brogan’s granddaughters, ages 9, 12 and 13, spend part of every summer at her home overlooking Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. They enjoy paddle boarding, swimming and working on projects in the professional painter’s art studio. Their experiences have mirrored what scientific researchers have found: Spending time with grandchildren can have positive health […]

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The Hottest ‘RHOC’ Bikini Moments of All Time: Pics

The original show in the Bravo franchise, The Real Housewives of Orange County has been on for 14 seasons and counting! As with just about any reality show, over the years it’s had its fair share of drama, in-fighting — and bikinis! Yes, one thing’s for sure: The ladies of sunny California know how to […]

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Want to lose weight? Exercise at the SAME TIME every day

Exercising at the SAME TIME every day is key to losing weight: Scientists discover people are more likely to work out if it becomes a ‘habit’ ‘Consistent exercisers’ worked out for 4.8 days a week and 285 minutes   Compared to 4.4 days and 285 minutes among the ‘inconsistent exercisers’  Once a habit, the ‘attention, effort […]

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Time to cook is a luxury many families don’t have

Have Americans forgotten how to cook? Many lament the fact that Americans spend less time cooking than they did in previous generations. Whereas women spent nearly two hours a day in the kitchen in 1965, they spent a little less than an hour preparing meals in 2016. Men are cooking more than they used to, […]

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Bigger portions lead to preschoolers eating more over time

Preschoolers may not be as good at resisting large portions of everyday foods as was previously thought, according to Penn State researchers. In a study, the researchers examined whether children between the ages of three and five were susceptible to the portion size effect—the tendency of people to eat more when larger portions are served. […]

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7 Anti-Aging Hacks To Stop Time in Its Tracks

One minute you’re looking at your reflection in the mirror without a wrinkle or gray hair in sight, and the next minute all you see are crow’s feet and silver strands staring back at you. Let’s face it: Aging is inevitable, and as soon as you cross over to 40, it almost seems like you’ve […]