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This Tool Helps Divorced Parents Avoid Disaster

For harmonious co-parenting, you need a varied skill set. Co-parenting (successfully, at least) requires flexibility, patience and the ability to compromise. A sense of humor is pretty helpful, too. And above all else, you have to be organized. Which, yes, we know is difficult enough to keep a household running smoothly when the entire family […]

Health Problems

Improved AI-based tool increases accuracy of schizophrenia diagnosis

A tool developed by University of Alberta researchers using machine learning diagnoses schizophrenia more accurately than other AI-based systems, according to a new study. The tool, called EMPaSchiz (Ensemble algorithm with Multiple Parcellations for Schizophrenia prediction), examined brain scans from patients who were diagnosed with schizophrenia and predicted the diagnosis with 87 per cent accuracy. […]

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AI tool uses positive peer groups to fight substance abuse

When it comes to fighting substance abuse, research suggests the company you keep can make the difference between recovery and relapse. So while group intervention programs can play an important role in preventing substance abuse, especially in at-risk populations such as homeless youth, they can also inadvertently expose participants to negative behaviors. Now, researchers from […]

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Open-source AI tool for studying movement across behaviors and species

Understanding the brain, in part, means understanding how behavior is created. To reverse-engineer how neural circuits drive behavior requires accurate and vigorous tracking of behavior, yet the increasingly complex tasks animals perform in the laboratory have made that challenging. Now, a team of researchers from the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Harvard University, and the University […]