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Catheter ablation: atrial fibrillation with heat and cold treat

The heart of the clock, device, medications can help to obtain rate and rhythm. In addition, a non-drug Alternative is gaining in importance, the so-called catheter ablation, is reported by Priv.-Doz. Dr. René Andrié from the heart center, Helios Klinikum Siegburg, Germany, on a training event for pharmacists in Schladming, Austria. More or less happens […]

Health Problems

New tumor model helps researchers treat pancreatic cancer

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer face a poor prognosis because the tumor forms dense scar-like tissue that is difficult for chemotherapy drugs to penetrate, but a new model may help researchers develop new therapies. “More than 85 percent of pancreatic tumors form this fibrous tissue,” explained Assistant Professor Joshua Reineke of the South Dakota State […]

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New epigenetic drug strategy to treat cancer

Researchers have discovered that inhibiting CDK9, a DNA transcription regulator, reactivates genes that have been epigenetically silenced by cancer. Reactivation leads to restored tumor suppressor gene expression and enhanced anti-cancer immunity. It is the first time this particular kinase has been linked to gene silencing in mammals. Jean-Pierre Issa, MD, Director of the Fels Institute […]

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Parents urge officials to approve a life-saving drug for their son

Parents beg officials to approve the life-saving £450,000 drug which can treat the rare condition crippling their five-year-old son Finley Newell, from Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, has spinal muscular atrophy   A drug already exists which could improve his life but the NHS can’t buy it In August regulators said the £450,000 drug was not value for money  […]

Health Problems

A potential new way to treat some of the most common blinding diseases

Many eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration, exhibit increased permeability of blood vessels in the macular (central) portion of the retina leading to abnormal fluid accumulation and vision loss. Therapies targeting a specific cytokine, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), have transformed clinical care; however, not all patients respond well. A new report in […]

Kids Health

Preschoolers’ parents may be unprepared to treat asthma

(HealthDay)— Only about half the parents of asthmatic preschoolers had the right knowledge and medicines on hand to treat their child’s breathing condition at home, a new study found. And one-third of those children had empty inhalers, the researchers reported. “The inability to treat asthma could lead to emergency department visits,” explained senior study author […]