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Yelp Wants to Tell You Where to Give Birth

We’ve all scanned Yelp when we’re trying to pick a restaurant or a hotel, but it probably hasn’t occurred to you to rely on the crowd-sourced review forum when it’s time to make the important decision of the best hospital to deliver a baby. But starting today, Yelp has added maternity care metrics — starting […]

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Why Kim Kardashian Wants You to Google Pineapple Juice

We’re used to mysterious social media posts from Kim Kardashian West. But a new Instagram photo has left a lot of followers scratching their heads. On Sunday, the reality star shared an image of herself cracking open a can of pineapple juice. Wearing nothing but a one-piece swimsuit, she wrote a cryptic caption: “Google the benefits of pineapple juice.” Google […]

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Who wants to live to 100?

While the ageing of society has become one of the givens in today’s world, less is made of the lived experience of the very elderly in society. And although there is some suggestion that the much trumpeted steady expansion of the human lifespan has begun to slow down, the numbers of very old people continue […]