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Revealed: How blue pills can work better than red ones

Why blue pills can work better than red ones  How blue-coloured pills can work better than red ones – even if they are placebos Non-drug treatments such as yoga and herbs are often dismissed as no better than placebos by sceptics. But such methods have just acquired a heavyweight champion who claims in a new […]

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Why the children of the identical twin couples will be SIBLINGS

Why the children of the identical twin couples will be SIBLINGS Why the children of the identical twin women that married identical twin men will be genetic SIBLINGS Identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane married identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers earlier this month in Twinsburg, Ohio Identical twins share 100 percent of […]

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Why do we get nose bleeds?

Nose bleeds, or epistaxes, are often a mystery to the 60% of us who have had at least one in our lifetime. Suddenly, and without obvious cause, bright red blood starts streaming from one nostril. Usually they’re not something to worry about, but why we get them is not always clear. What causes nose bleeds? […]

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Snap, Polish, Post: Why Selfies May Be Bad for Your Health

TUESDAY, Aug. 7, 2018 — Photo-editing tools that make people look more perfect online than in real life may be a health threat, medical experts warn. The tidal wave of altered photos on social media is changing perceptions of beauty. And that can trigger a preoccupation with appearance that leads to risky efforts to hide […]

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Why Are Doctors Removing Too Many Thyroids?

WEDNESDAY, July 25, 2018 — More Americans than ever are being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and most are having the entire gland removed in response. But that is an overreaction to a cancer that likely will not kill most people who are diagnosed with it, two doctors argue in a new report. Most cases of […]

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This Is Why Cardi B Doesn't Have a Nanny for Baby Kulture

A week after announcing the birth of her first child, Kulture Kiari, Cardi B shared an adorable update on how motherhood is treating her. With the help of a toy monkey, Cardi told her Instagram followers that she feels blessed and added that she’s incredibly grateful for her own parents.  "I’ve been blessed since I […]

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Why I Became a Single Foster Mom at 34

The nightmares started immediately: I dream I’m sleeping soundly and awake to a pounding on the door so loud it rattles the walls and renders the white-noise machine useless. It’s the Administration for Children’s Services, and they’re here to take my baby.   One caseworker is carrying an oversize black duffel bag and starts filling […]

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Why vaccine opponents think they know more than medical experts

One of the most contentious areas of health policy over the past two decades has been the safety of vaccination. Vaccines prevent the outbreak of diseases that used to be widespread, like polio, and scientific consensus strongly supports their safety. Yet many Americans refuse or delay the vaccination of their children out of fear that […]

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Yet Another Reason Why It’s Hard to Stop Smoking

WEDNESDAY, July 11, 2018 — Could losing their sense of identity be one reason why so many smokers find it hard to kick the habit? That’s the conclusion of new research out of Britain. “When people attempt to quit smoking, what they are really doing is attempting to bury part of their old identity and […]