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This is Exactly Why I Quit the Keto Diet

Going keto sounds like a win — who doesn’t want to eat fat and still get lean?! While some have been successful in making it a permanent part of their lifestyle, behind that allure there’s actually quite an underbelly. After trying this hyped-about trend for five months, I discovered keto should stand for Keep Efforts Tediously […]

Kids Health

Sleep training for your kids: Why and how it works

For thousands of years, mothers have sung lullabies to help their babies and children fall asleep. In more recent times, gadgets and devices have been invented and marketed to help the tired child—and weary parent. One of these devices has been linked in recent years to the tragic deaths of 32 babies. Fisher Price recently […]

Personal Health

Groundbreaking genetic discovery shows why Lupus develops

In a world first, researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have shown previously ignored rare genetic mutations are a major cause of lupus. The discovery is set to change our understanding of the causes of disease and potentially save lives. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that has no cure. It targets the body’s healthy […]

Kids Health

Why suburban parks offer an antidote to helicopter parenting

Well-designed suburban parks could be an antidote to helicopter parenting. As well as giving kids much-needed time outdoors being active, suburban parks offer kids opportunities to decide what activities they do, new research shows. It’s an ideal opportunity for parents to let go of their task-focused daily agendas, even if just for a little while. […]

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The dirt on dirt: Why being squeaky clean can harm your health

Pity Pope Francis. When video footage emerged last month of him repeatedly pulling his right hand away as worshipper after worshipper moved forward from a long queue to kiss his ring, conservatives blasted him for disrespecting church tradition. The Pope later explained he was simply trying to reduce the risk of his flock picking up […]

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Here's Why I'm Giving Birth Across an Ocean From My Home

I’ve always prided myself on being pretty self-sufficient. I moved to New York from the U.K. in my early 20s to pursue artistic endeavors and now, nine years later, I’m still here — married and pregnant. And I’m glad I’m about to give birth thousands of miles away from home. Although plenty of people — […]

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Why measles matters

Measles is so contagious that one infected person can spread the respiratory virus to 90 percent of people in the same room—and it can live in the air for two hours. Often, an infected person doesn’t even know they have measles for several weeks. Early symptoms include a fever, cough, runny nose, and red eyes, […]