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Menstrual Cup is not suitable for every woman

Instead of Tampons, use and Bind more and more women are now menstrual cups. What to consider when applying to and what are the pros and cons, discussed the woman’s doctors at a Training conference in Dusseldorf. Menstrual cups, Moon Cups or menstrual cups are soft and funnel-shaped and are inserted into the Vagina, the […]

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This Woman Became Pregnant While She Was… Already Pregnant

Beata noted that she and Pawel didn’t listen to the advice of their doctors about abstaining from intercourse. “They tell you at the fertility clinic that you can’t have sex for the four days before your egg collection because the hormones mean more eggs are fertilized than normal,” she explained to SWNS. “But I think […]

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Woman donates kidney to ex-husband years after divorce

Mary Zeigler donated a kidney to her ex-husband Bill 20 years after the pair split up. (Fox 9 ) Former childhood sweethearts, whose fairytale ended 20 years ago after 24 years of marriage and two children, still fulfilled their promises of “in sickness and in health” after Mary Zeigler provided her ex-husband Bill Henrichs with a kidney. […]

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Woman lives in the DARK for 11 years as she is allergic to light

‘The sun could kill me’: Charity worker, 54, is forced to spend all day inside due to a one-in-a-million condition that makes her ‘allergic’ to UV light Fatima Perez, 54, from Conneticut, has Xeroderma Pigmentosum Her condition baffled family growing up in the Dominican Republic She’s suffered a lifetime of skin cancer, hair and eyesight […]