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Working to change the future of prosthetics

Robots powered by human-like artificial muscles are still in the research and development stage, but Taylor Henderson is certain that they’ll change the future of prosthetics. Henderson is an electrical and computer engineering (ECE) master’s student in the Advanced Robotics and Controls Lab at the Jacobs School of Engineering, studying under the direction of Michael […]

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Working out your exercise schedule

(HealthDay)—The number of weekly recommended workout sessions can really add up. With five or more periods of cardio, and two or three each of strength training, flexibility and motor skills for balance and agility, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to do more than one type of exercise on any given day. To make the most […]

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Lounging around on a weekend does NOT affect your waistline

Working out on a Friday means you can lounge around at the weekend without gaining weight because the effects of exercise last two days, study finds Brain network in mice that influences metabolism is still active two days later  Same brain network is also shared by humans, who may have the same results Activating network […]

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Working memory might be more flexible than previously thought

Breaking with the long-held idea that working memory has fixed limits, a new study by researchers at Uppsala University and New York University suggests that these limits adapt themselves to the task that one is performing. The results are presented in the scientific journal eLife. You can read this sentence from beginning to end without […]

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Lake Bell Says Working Moms Need Weed Not Wine

Actor, director and entrepreneur Lake Bell is just fine with California’s Jan. 1 legalization of marijuana. In fact, Bell will opt for weed over wine any evening after a hard day on the set. “As a parent I think pot’s almost better than a glass of wine,” Bell told MedMen’s Ember magazine. (Ember is a […]

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Working overtime can increase your risk of heart problems

Pumping out 11 hour work days? It could cost you more than just your sanity, says a new study in the European Heart Journal. Researchers found that compared to those who worked 35-40 hours a week, people who worked 55 hours or more were approximately 40% more likely to develop an irregular heart rhythm known as atrial fibrillation […]