Health News

Yes, Weather-Related Migraine Attacks Are Very Real

If you’ve ever suspected there’s a connection between your migraine attacks and the weather, you are not imagining things. The migraine-weather connection is real. Whether you’re sensitive to heat, cold, dry air, humid air or changes in barometric pressure, the weather works like any other trigger in that it makes certain people more susceptible to […]

Kids Health

Yes, Kids Can Get Depression Too

If you’re a parent of a young kid, you probably spend a significant chunk of your life tending to upset stomachs, fevers, bumps and bruises and scraped knees. And while mental health problems can be harder to detect and treat, they should not be ignored. Kids can get depression just like adults do.   According […]

Personal Health

'Yes, I Have Herpes—And No, It Didn't Ruin My Love Life'

In the past week, you’ve probably heard about how the singer Usher reportedly paid a woman $1.1 million after she sued him for allegedly infecting her with herpes. According to court documents, the woman who filed the lawsuit claimed that “her health and body have been ruined” and that she “has suffered severe emotional distress […]

Personal Health

Is This The Riskiest Proposal Ever? We Say Yes.

Looks like the down-on-one-knee move is so done – this guy proposed to his (spoiler alert) now-fiancé with a fill-in-the-blank tattoo. Yep, tattoo artist Vinny Capaldo-Smith made his proposal to Brooke Wodark a permanent one before she’d even said yes. In a video that now has over 11 million views on Facebook, Brooke can be […]