Health Problems

Your mouth helps you smell tasty foods

Why do certain foods smell good to us? New research by psychology professor Don Katz and his lab suggests it has a lot more to do with what happens in our mouths than commonly thought. It turns out that we don’t inhale the scent of food and decide we like its smell. First, we have […]

Health News

What If You Were Your Own Blood Donor for Surgery?

TUESDAY, Jan. 29, 2019 — Heart surgery patients may fare better if they have their own blood “recycled” and given back to them during the procedure, a preliminary study suggests. The study focused on so-called “intraoperative autologous” blood donation — where patients have some blood removed at the start of surgery for their own use. […]

Personal Health

Dementia or just forgetful? With a Test you’ll find it out

The date confused? Again, the name of the colleagues forget? Everyone is scattered and has small dropouts in terms of memory. But where forgetfulness ceases and where dementia begins? What are the signs that should make you suspicious – in their families, and themselves – reveals the dementia Test. In Germany, around 1.6 million dementia […]

Health Problems

How you move shows how you make up your mind

You’re standing at a vending machine, ready to punch in the code to get your snack. Even as your hand moves toward the keypad, your brain is still deciding what to do, still in the middle of choosing as your hand touches the keys. “When we make a decision, we’re really choosing between several concrete […]