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Many young adults value sustainably produced foods, leading to healthier food choices

Sustainable diets have many benefits in having a minimal impact on the environment, contributing to food security and promoting healthy life for present and future generations. Research focusing on selected components of sustainable diets, such as eating food that is organically grown/produced, minimally processed, locally grown, and not genetically modified, has found that individuals who […]

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Chronic fear of environmental doom is afflicting the young

'Twelve years left to save the planet" read one recent headline, "one million species on the brink of extinction" read another. Little wonder that eco-anxiety – a chronic fear of environmental doom – is attracting growing attention, particularly as a problem among younger generations. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, 16, started a global campaign for […]

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Kids as young judge character based on looks alone, study finds

Kids DO judge a book by its cover: Children as young as five decide if people are ‘mean or nice’ based on their faces alone, study finds How we perceive appearances influences everything from personal relationships to jury decisions and elections  We start analyzing faces from a young age to make character assessments New Harvard […]

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Design thinking can change the treatment of young people with psychological problems

Behavioural scientists are increasingly designing games that can be used preventatively or as therapy for young people with emerging or chronic psychological problems, such as anxiety or depression. Nevertheless, the development and validation of these games is still in its infancy. According to behavioural scientists Hanneke Scholten and Isabela Granic of Radboud University, a form […]

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Not only seniors, but also young adults are often lonely

In every age of adults are frightening, often lonely, as a new study shows. Under moderate-to-severe loneliness in people aged in their late 20’s, mid-50, and the end of the 80 suffered accordingly. Loneliness occurs, according to a new study by the University of California more frequently than expected, 76 percent of respondents felt moderately […]