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A breakfast fit for making your New Year’s resolutions

(HealthDay)—New Year’s Day is typically when you vow to start a new diet to take off any weight you put on over the holidays or have been carrying. This year, make your resolutions attainable—slight changes that improve health without making impossible-to-meet demands on yourself. If you enjoyed yourself last night, New Year’s Day morning is […]

Health News

Why purple sweet potatoes belong on your holiday table

You may be busting out your holiday cookbook over the next couple days—it’s that time of year. Cookies, ham, turkey, all the favorites. There’s much to be said for the familiar spread, but we have a suggestion to brighten up your table this year—the purple sweet potato. It may sound like something out of Dr. […]

Health Problems

Why your first battle with flu matters most

How successfully a person can fend off the flu depends not only on the virus’ notorious ability to change with the season, but also on the strain first encountered during childhood, according to new research published in the open-access journal PLoS Pathogens. The findings offer an explanation for why some patients fare much worse than […]

Health Problems

How to maintain your mental wellness during the holidays

There are things people who are at risk of depression should keep in mind as they enter the holiday season, but Christmas isn’t necessarily the mental health threat it’s made out to be. According to University of Alberta psychiatry professor Adam Abba-Aji, what used to be called “Christmas depression syndrome” was debunked in the 1980s […]

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Stop Following Your Significant Other on Social Media

For the past six months that Niamh has been with her boyfriend, she’s done something others might find shocking in today’s day and age: not follow him on social media. Due to the negative impact it’s had in her past relationships, she’s actively chosen to keep social media out of this one. After having an […]