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After Listeria deaths in Hesse, Germany: food watch is turning into a call to the Affected

The company Wilke sausages in Twistetal-Berndorf was closed after two people had died, whose death stands with products of the company in connection. Now food watch is aimed at Concerned and wants to go to the bottom of it.

"Calling all people after the consumption of #Wilke sausages are diagnosed with #Listeria, and their relatives: Please get in touch with us (via direct message)! We want to investigate the matter and try to take care of your interests!", it is said in a Twitter post of the Association.

In addition to the two dead, several dozen other people should be ill. Listeria are bacteria that can cause fever and diarrhea. For the Elderly, the Sick, Pregnant women and babies, you can be life-threatening. The probability that the deaths are due to Listeria in pizza salami and a sausage of the company, according to the Robert Koch Institute at 99.6 percent.

All of the products from the Wilke – with the exception of full – canned food worldwide is called back. Wilke supplies in Germany, especially in Restaurants and large kitchens, but also super markets. Consumer advocates demand that the customer is informed, where Wilke sausages were sold. With the return of markets to call through super is to be expected.

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