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Anna Heinrich Hits Back At Photoshop Accusations

Anna Heinrich’s social media posts from Derby Day are causing quite a stir. The Bachelor star’s fans are divided after her handbag strap appears to vanish into her body, with many accusing the 30-year-old of photoshopping her arm in this photo. 

“Check out the handbag strap @claudiabella22 so disappointed she photoshops her pics ..” one follower wrote.

Anna quickly replied, “haha saw that didn’t do that.”

After articles started popping up online, Heinrich took to Instagram stories to explain that the ‘Live’ photo feature on the iPhone created the blurred and distorted effect created by her handbag.

“My arm ate it up,” she also says in the comments.

Many of her followers have now weighed in, saying they too have experienced this kind of blurry distortion when taking photos using the Live feature.

This article originally appeared on InStyle.

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