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Death series by E-cigarettes: After months of reason is to be found apparently

After 39 deaths and more than 2000 lung diseases caused by E-cigarettes has made a US health authority according to its own information is likely to determine the cause.

There is "direct Belege" it is composed of Vitamin E extracted Oil have caused the lung disease in the E-cigarette users, said the Deputy Director of the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), Anne Schuchat, on Friday. The chemical had been detected in all 29 diseased patients whose lung fluid was investigated.

Schuchat described the findings of the investigation as a breakthrough. There is no other potential toxins had previously been in the patients studied found. The CDC announced that the final investigations would need to be given before the Vitamin-E-Oil can be confirmed as a definite cause of the lung disease. It is still possible that more than one substance have triggered the diseases.

"We need to kümmern&quot especially to our children;

The announcement came a day after an announcement by US President Donald Trump with respect to the plans, the minimum age for the purchase of E-cigarettes from 18 to about 21 years. "We need to kümmern&quot especially to our children;, the US President said. Trump stressed, however, that jobs in the growing E-cigarette industry should be respected.

The US government had announced in September a ban of flavored liquids for E-cigarettes. As it now seems, could have influenced the E-cigarette industry this Position through intensive lobby work.

E-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular

In the United States, E-cigarettes, especially among young people are becoming more and more popular. A government-commissioned survey this week showed that more than five million students between the ages of eleven and 18 years of age in the past 30 days of E-cigarettes consumed. In the United States, a minimum age of 18 years, applies to all tobacco products. 18 States and Washington, D.C. have raised the minimum age to 21 years.

Electric cigarettes, in which nicotine-containing liquid is evaporated, have gained in the past years, the world enormously in popularity. The number of users increased, according to data from the world health organization (WHO) of seven million in 2011, to 41 million by the year 2018. The handle to the E-cigarette for many smokers are attractive, because they want to escape with the evaporation process of a cancer risk due to the traditional Smoking.

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