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Desperate to hit the gym when they reopen? Do these exercises first

Desperate to hit the gym when they reopen? Do these five exercises first, writes MARIAM AL-ROUBI

The lockdown has given Britain something it did not need – an even more sedentary lifestyle.

But it’s not just the closure of gyms and swimming pools that has harmed the nation’s well-being over the past three months. 

Millions have also missed out on the incidental exercise that keeps our joints and muscles healthy without us realising it – such as dashing for a train, climbing office stairs or picking up kids from school.

The closure of gyms has harmed the nation’s well-being according to personal trainer Mariam Al-Roubi

I’ve noticed, as I work with clients via video calls, that many are stiffer in the hips, lower back and shoulders. 

They’re lucky enough to have me breathing down their necks, and I can spot and remedy any problems. 

But I worry that many others might end up doing some damage when they finally can jump back into a class or workout plan.

Without the right preparation, the risk of severe injury and, consequently, even longer periods of doing nothing, is raised.

To avoid this, try my easy ‘prehab’ routine which will stretch and mobilise problem areas…

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