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PSA: You Can Now Buy 1.2 Kilogram Avocados In Australia

Fire up the toaster and break out the corn chips – you can officially buy avocados the size of a small child.

Nicknamed ‘avozilla’, these behemoth fruits are four times the size of your average avo with each one weighing around 1.2 kilograms each.

Originally from South Africa, the ‘avozilla’ made headlines in Britain when it hit shelves back in 2013 but the Groves family farm is the first to bring the variety down under. Surprising, given our infamous obsession with the brunch essential. 

And no the enormous fruits aren’t skimping on flavour – they’re said to taste like normal avos but they’re a little easier to spread. 

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They’ll be popping up in stores across the country, but you better get in quick as Peaches Fresh Food Market owner Robert Di Tullio told the ABC they sell out almost immediately.

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