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Re-Dither-attack Merkel: a doctor says, why is the Chancellor now needs to act

Only nine days after the bout of weakness in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel had today again health problems: she trembled during a public appearance on the whole body. FOCUS Online has once again asked the doctor what could be behind it. This does not preclude a serious condition now.

In the case of the appointment of the new Minister of justice, Christine Lambrecht (SPD), Germany’s Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in the Bellevue Palace, Angela Merkel, has started again to tremble all over his body. While she was standing next to Steinmeier at the lectern, she tried to ignore the Trembling, arms crossed. However, she failed.

As she moved, then she was better again, like a Video of a dpa-photographers to see. Merkel received during the incident, a glass of water offered, which she accepted, but again returned, without drinking from it. Kay Nietfeld/dpa , Nine days after her bout of weakness has German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday again on the whole body trembled. The offered glass of water she refused.

The first Time you had been drinking, allegedly, is simply to little

In the last week, the Chancellor had trembled at a reception of the new Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Selenskyj also significant. While they waited together with him on the pacing of the guard of honour of the Bundeswehr, started shaking her legs and her body suddenly, violently and uncontrollably shaking. As she paced the President, then the Formation, had placed the visible again. Merkel later explained that she had been drinking on the hot day simply to a little and was dehydrated.

On Thursday morning, it was in Berlin, but after several hot days and comparatively cool. Merkel was shaking for nearly two minutes, put again and again the arms in front of the body one above the other, to lose appears to be in control. Many are now Worried about the Chancellor.

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Physicians not exclude serious disease

What could be behind the shake, in FOCUS Online had already spoken to Merkel’s first seizure last week, with a experts. The doctors and district Chairman of the Bavarian physicians Association, Jacob Berger, was widely seen at the time, still no reason for concern. Although to him, the incident would have been surprising at the time, but rather because Mrs Merkel seem so stable.

That behind it is a serious disease could be stuck, from the castle of the doctors at that time: “the Shaking was too short,” he explained. “You could run directly after the national anthem is quite normal with the Ukrainian President.”

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Today, as the Shaking has already occurred for the second Time in so short a time, no longer considers it a serious disease are excluded. “Since the symptoms appeared repeatedly, must be urgently clarified medically,” says Berger. “And as soon as possible.” Behind Merkel’s renewed Trembling could put attack quite Harmless, such as lack of water, but would now need to be necessarily excluded other medical and neurological causes.

“Were you my patient, I would clarify symptoms definitely before the trip”

Now just keep going without a check – the Berger holds for negligence. “Someone like Angela Merkel, who must always work, and want to be rushing constantly from appointment to appointment, displaced, such symptoms may also be very strong, but must press their Doctors now to some investigations.” This is part of their medical duty of care, the district Chairman of the Bavarian family doctors Association.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert informed, however, on request, about the possible impact of the incident, about Merkel’s trip to the G20 summit in Japan: “Everything takes place as planned. The Chancellor is well.“

Berger sees this, however, is critical: “were you my patient, I would want to check this out definitely before the trip.” So, an MRI (note would, in such cases, first of all. d. Red.: Magnetic resonance imaging) are carried out, the structures in the brain makes visible to certain neurological disorders, to exclude. “With the Charité and the best Doctors in front of the door, Mrs. Merkel has all the options,” says Berger. “And an appointment will get you immediately.”

A Parkinson’s disease excludes Berger, however, continue. The Trembling of the Chancellor was too strong. The Tremor of Parkinson’s patients had much the fine range and the Shaking don’t stop so suddenly.

After their Shaky-seizure pursued by Merkel in the Bundestag, the swearing-in of New Minister of Lambrecht. A short time later she left, however, the Bundestag.