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Social Star Of The Month – Ada Nicodemou

Ada has been on our screens, cruising in Summer Bay, for what seems like forever. Yet, from her social feed, you’d think she was way younger. Her agelessness must have something to do with her obviously healthy lifestyle, strong social ties and young-at-heart, fun-loving attitude.

Pretty cup ☕️ @scottlee25 ?

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As well as being a Home and Away veteran, Ada has been a Priceline Sister for almost five years– that means she’s an ambassador for the Priceline Sisterhood Foundation.

Workout ✔️ yummy lunch ✔️ @dietlicious_aus #asianchickensalad

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“The [Sisterhood] is so unique and amazing in that it supports five different charities that focus on causes important to women,” she says. “I feel so lucky to be a Priceline Sister and to be able to help support all of these amazing charities and raise awareness.”

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