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This $15 Kmart Tray Will Turn Your Bed Into A Home Office

Yup, no more using the microwave as a makeshift laptop stand or getting a crick in your neck from slumping over the keyboard. But the best part? It’ll only set you back $15.

“Not really a hack but brought the Kmart folding tray today,” one fan wrote on the Kmart Hacks and Décor FB group. “It’s perfect to sit my laptop on whilst I’m in bed. Also could be used as a cheese platter! So obsessed!”

Other members concurred with her comment: the product is a total bargain.

“I got hubby to go get one for my today, it was the last one at our store. I am in love with it,” one comment read. “I bought one today! Absolutely amazing, I used it for a a make-up stand in front of my mirror today and also for my laptop,” said another.

It’s also a simple way to ensure your posture doesn’t suffer.

“Some people like to lie on their bed flat and put several pillows up for their head. Or, they will prop their head against the wall. This is terrible for your body as it puts a great deal of stress on your neck as you strain to look at your computer,” writes

“If the laptop is actually in your lap, you could have your neck at almost a 90-degree angle! Not only could this lead to pain the next day, but it may also cause long-term muscle and nerve damage that will take years to repair! It can also lead to unattractive posture, with your head always crooked at a downward angle.”

You can find the tray in selected stores or via the Kmart website. 

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