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This Is Why You Should Never Workout While Hungover

As far as dealing with hangovers are concerned, there are two types of people in this world: the weirdos who insist on ‘sweating it out” and those who typically look more like this:

While we can’t deny the post-booze exercise enthusiasts have good intentions (to seize the day despite their throbbing headache), turns out all that extra effort is totally wasted. 

“Our performance after drinking will be pretty underwhelming,” Mark Leyshon, senior policy and research officer at Alcohol Concern told HuffPost.

“Alcohol makes our kidneys produce more urine, causing dehydrating which will be made worse by exercising, leading to reduced performance.”

But it’s not just your PB that suffers after a night out.

Our bodies can only burn around one unit of alcohol an hour so depending on how large the sesh was, you could still be under the influence the next day – not ideal for working out.

“Your coordination could be affected, and you’re more likely not to know your limits – for instance, if you’re lifting weights,” Drinkaware’s medical advisor, Dr Sarah Jarvis warns. 

“That means you’re much more likely to suffer an injury or strain something, which could put you out of action for a much longer time.”

And as far as quicker recovery goes? We’re sorry to say it def won’t help.

“No amount of exercise can reduce the effects of a hangover,” Mark added. “It’s best to rest and drink plenty of water rather than engaging in vigorous activity.”

Consider this a free pass to stay in bed.

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