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We Tried The Food Waste-Reducing FoodCycler That's Going Viral on TikTok

There hasn’t been a buzz word more prominent than sustainability over the last few years, with the movement infiltrating what we eat, wear and use on a daily basis.

We’re drinking with our metal straws, using our reusable bags, and looking at new ways to reduce our carbon footprint all in the hope of making lifestyle changes that can make a difference.

Well, one of those changes, which has been making the rounds online – and on TikTok in particular – is composting.

If you’re not really across the idea, it revolves around reducing your organic waste (food scraps etc) by placing them in a compost bin (usually in your garden), leaving it for a few months, and recycling the biproducts to improve the quality of your soil. But I hear you, it can be messy, look (and smell) not so great, and take way too long for the final product (not to mention not being very practical if you’re living in an apartment).

Well, Breville have heard all of our complaints and created the FoodCycler – a 3-stage composter that dehydrates, grinds and cools down your food waste while filtering odours and methane gasses. It looks a little like an air fryer and was deigned to fit neatly in your kitchen. So of course, we had to try it.

At first glance, the device itself wasn’t as large as I thought it was going to be. But while using it, it made sense – the grinding bucket can contain up to 2L of food scraps, which while not being huge (I can imagine that it’s not big enough for a large family) was actually plenty for a few nights dinner between my husband and I.

All we had to do was simply pop our food waste inside, and once full turn it on and let it do its thing. The FoodCycler took about 5 hours, and was surprisingly quiet and completely odourless.

What we got in the end was what they call EcoChips, which we just popped into our veggie patch.

What I love about the device is how chic it looks (I keep mine next to my kitchen bins) and that the bucked is machine-washable. While it is quite pricey (at $499) it doesn’t use much power and one of those things I can see myself using for a very long time.

You can find out more about it here. Happy composting.

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