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Olivia Munn Shares a Delicious Lunar New Year Tradition with Son Malcolm

The first day of the Lunar New Year was Sunday, Jan. 22, and Olivia Munn celebrated in the most delicious way. The Newsroom star shared a video of the noodles she made for the holiday, which she shared with her 1-year-old son Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney.

“Longevity noodles for Lunar New Year,” she wrote on her Instagram story alongside a video of a creamy bowl of noodles filled with veggies. She also shared a video of Malcolm eating the noodles in his highchair. In the video, he’s twirling the long noodles around his fingers. “For a long life my little son,” she wrote. At one point, he stretches a noodle with both hands until it breaks, looking on with extreme concentration (as one little noodle bit hangs out of his open mouth).

“Can you take a bite?” Munn asks, and he obediently lifts a noodle into his mouth. “Good job!” she praises the little boy as he smacks his lips and grunts in approval. He’s so cute!

She also shared a photo of Malcolm, this time with the bowl of noodles on his highchair. Both hands are deep inside the bowl of deliciousness, and his mouth is open in a wide “O” as he looks on. It’s easy to see he is a big fan of this tradition.

Longevity noodles are long noodles that are eaten during the Chinese New Year and other special occasions. They are never cut or broken by the cook, per The New York Times, and are said to bring luck, prosperity, and a long life, per Food & Wine.

In her Instagram story, Munn also shared some more details about the Lunar New Year, explaining that there are two animals to celebrate this year. “Two animals this year…Chinese say year of the rabbit, Vietnamese say year of the cat,” she wrote.

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She often shares her Asian heritage with Malcolm. Last week, she and partner John Mulaney took their toddler to H Mart to experience shopping at an Asian market. He was so cute exploring the aisles with his parents and learning about the fresh food and rich Asian ingredients on display.

Malcolm is learning how to appreciate yummy food and family traditions early, so he’ll appreciate it his whole life!

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