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'​​I Went Through My Partner's Phone Every Night For A Week – Here's What Happened'

He’s cheating on me! Totally kidding, but I bet that’s what you might have thought when you read that headline. Nah. But many women are tempted to sneak a peek through their partner’s phone (and some actually do) to dig up salacious info like I teased or just to innocently (cough, cough) see what they’ve been up to. I’ll save you the trouble. I made phone checks mandatory for one week with my boyfriend Brian, and here’s what happened.

Night One: Snapchat

This is pretty much the only form of social media he actively uses. Of course, I can’t see any of the photos or chats after they disappear, but since each one still has time stamps of when they were opened, I could see he had Snapchatted like 15 people this day—a mix of coworkers, family, friends, and players on his soccer team. As I checked out his list of friends, though, he didn’t seem to have those emojis indicating that he snapchats any one of them at an unusually higher rate than another. (Oh, except me.) I eventually made my way to his Snap maps (the new feature that lets you see the location of your friends), saw that he didn’t have a Bitmoji (so, of course, I made him one), and then changed his settings so his location would be visible to me. I knew he would obviously find out about all this, so to be transparent, I told him about my changes afterward, and he just thought it was hilarious.

Night Two: Recent Calls

If anything were to look sketchy, it’s probably his call log since it’s got quite a few unknown numbers (besides the few calls in there from his mom and me). While I didn’t suspect any shady play, for the sake of the article, I did as any suspicious GF would do—I asked for a rundown of the person and reason behind each call. He said they were all for work—he’s a project manager at an engineering firm, and he has to call a lot of different businesses and clients as part of his job. After Googling a couple of the numbers, I determined his explanation was legit, and I let it slide.

Night Three: CityMapper

I love this app for how easy it makes navigating around the city. However, as I looked through the app on Brian’s phone, I discovered a whole new feature that allows you to track the routes you’ve taken. I put on my creeping cap and checked out the most recent rides he’d tracked—unsurprisingly, they were mostly to and from his office. Two things I learned here: He’s not taking any questionable subway trips around the city, and we’re saving major cash by not owning a car (when you track rides, it calculates these extra perks of using transit). I’d call that a win-win.

Night Four: Notes

My boyfriend meticulously uses his Notes app to jot a lot of things down. But I focused on what could be the most fishy: his expenses. He tracks every cash dollar he spends to include in his personal monthly budget. And you might be thinking, if he bought something suspicious, would he really record that for you to possibly find? That logic makes sense, but I’m going to have to say yes—he’s so responsible with his spending that I wouldn’t put that past him. So I took a peek. As you can see, his cash expenses consisted of money he spent on beer, laundry, and lunch. At first, the $30 lunch seemed randomly extravagant…until I remembered that was with me on vacation, and he paid for me, I so can’t complain. Ha.

Night Five: News

We both use the Google app for news since it curates content based on what we’ve read and searched for in the past. So if anyone knows his private search history, it’s Google. The result of my creeping? Lots and lots of sports headlines. Yawn.

Night Six: Twitter

I know that he hasn’t tweeted since 2015, because, duh, I follow him. But I looked through his app for any strange DMs or people he’s following. In sum, I’m pretty sure he’s never sent a DM, and the accounts he follows are—once again—all sports. Make that a double yawn. Looks like he only uses Twitter as more of a spectator for sports news rather than a participant.

Night Seven: Lyft

Citymapper proved all his subway rides were innocent, but what about his above-ground commuting? I opened up his Lyft app and cross-referenced it with the calendar on my phone. Turns out, I was in the seat right next to him for all of those trips. July 9: We shared a Lyft to Hertz to pick up a car we rented for the day (and we shared another one to get home after dropping off that car). June 18: We shared a Lyft to and from dinner to meet a friend who was in town visiting. May 20: We had a different friend staying with us that week, and she was leaving that day, so we called a Lyft to come take her to the airport. It all checked out.

While I never expected to find anything life-changing or deal-breaking, these mandatory phone checks were pretty fun. To be clear, I’m not advising that you go snooping through your man’s phone (not without his permission, at least), but since these little devices store so much information about us, it gave me a little more of a glimpse into how he spends his time—and evidently, that’s keeping up with a lot of sports. Overall, I meddled a bit, I laughed a lot, I learned a few things, and I love him even more for letting me completely invade his privacy and then publish it.

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