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6 Hot Sex Tips That Will Make Your Entire Body Feel Ahhhh-Mazing

When you hear the term ‘eco-friendly sex’, you might envision two yogis with Tom’s deodorant and Buddha pants getting busy in a forest. (Well, maybe that’s just us.) But more people are being careful about what they put in and around their bodies during sex—even non-tree huggers.

If your grocery list is green, but you’re not quite sure how to introduce healthier/eco-options to your quest for pleasure, let our guide to greener foreplay bring a whole new meaning to safer sex.

Share a shower (or better yet, a bath).

You just got back from a four-mile run in the park and your smelly body isn’t exactly a turn on. Hitting the tub together can change all of that. “Some people like to shower before sex, especially if they’ve just been exercising,” says Herbenick. “Showering or taking a bath together saves water, and it’s really fun. It feels different to have someone else wash your body, and it’s a great time for making out.” Just don’t make it a marathon, or you’ll defeat the water-saving advantage of a two-for-one washing. Clean and caress each other with unscented Castile soap, or ones scented with 100 percent organic essential oils , and then turn off the faucet and take it to the bedroom. Or the living room. Or the kitchen counter.

Mix it up.

Instead of buying packaged, processed body paint or edible underwear that tastes like cardboard, not cherries, whip up a yummy potion and let your hungry partner eat it from your body. (Just remember, ladies should keep it away from their genitals—that can lead to yeast infections and other problems.) Herbenick suggests mixing confectionars’ sugar and water into a paste and adding a little finely ground lavender, often found in the bulk food section in natural food stores. If lavender’s not your thing, mix in a little vanilla for tasty body candy.

Don’t rush.

The most natural lubricant is the kind a woman’s body makes on its own. If a typical 30-second commercial outlasts the time you spend on foreplay, you may not really need store-bought lubricant. A few more minutes of kissing/licking/touching could do the trick. That said, it’s not a bad idea to stash some lubricant in your nightstand in case you need it. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from anything with “fragrance” or artificial flavours on the label.

Go for natural candlelight.

“People like to see each other a little bit. When you’re having sex in total darkness and can’t see each other, it doesn’t allow sex to be as pleasurable,” Herbenick explains. Enter candlelight: naked bodies tend to look much better in its soft, warm glow. This little bit of light can heighten arousal because you can actually see what your partner likes. The problem is, most candles on the market are petroleum-based and scented with fake fragrances that often contain chemicals linked to allergies, asthma, hormone disruption, and even cancer. Don’t pollute your sex life or indoor air with toxic candlesticks. Instead, turn to natural beeswax candles or ones made with soy and scented with 100 percent pure essential oils.

Find better vibrations.

If you’re looking to boost foreplay with a vibrator, don’t just pick any old vibrator off the shelf. Studies have found high levels of phthalates, chemicals that make plastic flexible, in certain sex toys. Herbenick says the sex toy industry has come out with much safer products made of silicone, not PVC plastic. Look for ones made in North American or Europe because it’s generally easier to find out what they’re made of. When you find one you like, make sure it’s made of medical or high-grade silicone, like the We Vibe, which is rechargeable. Dead batteries will never put your passion on hold again (and you won’t add them to the landfills)!

Don’t discount a good old-fashioned kiss.

Sex toys are a staple for some, but they’re not a necessity. If you’d rather not stimulate with a foreign object, look to your lover’s lips for a dose of oxytocin, known as the love hormone. Kissing can melt away tension, which paves the road for better sex. While locking lips can turn on both men and women, it especially turns women on. 

And for the uber-ecoconscious tooth brusher, use a Radius toothbrush made of recycled materials, including dollar bills!

This article originally appeared on Rodale Wellness.

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