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A young lawyer is celebrating in the Berghain – hours later she’s dead

Once in Berghain to celebrate – that was the dream of Jenifer and Carlo from Culver City, Los Angeles. For the couple the night of partying, the highlight of your multi-day Berlin trip. But the evening in the summer of 2017, ending in a tragedy. The 30-year-old lawyer takes two Ecstasy pills and dies hours later from a drug Overdose. In your blood, the 11 is found times the dose of a “normal” dose pill.

Carlo, in this night, the widower – with a mere 38 years. “Frontal 21” he has given a television interview in which he reconstructed the fateful night of partying. In the contribution a physician of the Charité comes to word that speaks about the dangers of high-dose Ecstasy pills.

A photo in the queue in front of Berghain

Jenifer and Carlo led a normal, traditional life. They celebrated like, even occasional drug use was one of them. A German friend had told the Couple, from Berghain. Jenifer and Carlo were electrified. The friend advised the two to have a black and as bored to be tightened so the two should get past the doorman. The Couple snapped a photo in the queue in front of the Club. “Our best bored faces in the line” you wrote under it and sent it to the friend via WhatsApp. It should be the last joint photo of the two.

In the Club, a buddy of Carlo Ecstasy got pills. Jenifer took a later one. Carlo knew nothing about the second pill. The three danced, but suddenly Jenifer was gone. After a while, they Worry. Carlo sent Jenifer a WhatsApp, where you will be. Then they began to search for her.

The last joint photo of the couple – it was in the queue in front of the Berlin Club

Finally, Carlo reached a message from Jenifers cell phone: “Your girlfriend has taken an Overdose, she needs down help, come up the stairs…” Carlo found his wife. She convulsed, had foam to breathe in front of the mouth and problems.

“I just sat there and wept”

“My first thought was just to reassure you, because it looked to me as she would stop every Moment to breathe,” he recalls in an interview with “Frontal 21”. “I immediately thought that you could die right in front of me.” The widower’s clearly beat, while he talks about the Told. Several times, he wrestles with the tears.

MDMA is a stimulant substance contained in Ecstasy or may be included. The composition and dosage of a single pill on the first sight. People who take Ecstasy report feeling a sense of relaxation and increased Body. Some of the effects of the drug are also perceived as unpleasant or can be dangerous. Side effects include, among other things, rapid heartbeat, Rise in body temperature up to anxiety, and circulatory collapse. In connection with the use of Ecstasy can lead to death in some cases – mainly as a result of Overheating and subsequent kidney or liver failure.

Jenifer came to the emergency room and died on the same day. “I’ve seen it on the face of the doctor, that she is dead. She lay in a bed by the window, I sat next to you,” says Carlo. “She was very cold. I still remember the blood, a little bit of blood… I don’t know whether it’s from your nose or from the mouth of the rann…I just sat there and cried.”

According to the autopsy report Jenifer died of a Circulatory collapse and organ failure due to MDMA – also known under the name of Ecstasy. In your blood, the 11-times the dose of a normal-dose pill was found.

Jenifers death is not an isolated case, as a glance at the statistics shows. Alone by 2017, in Germany there were 20 deaths associated with amphetamine derivatives such as MDMA. The pills are prohibited in Germany, although officially, however, relate to, among other things, about Dealer. Connoisseurs of the scene it is sure that the pills are available in higher and higher dosages. “Nowadays, we have high-dose Ecstasy pills, that someone that the substance is not used, ends up in any case of an Overdose,” explains Felix Betzler, a psychiatrist at the Charité hospital in Berlin, in front of “Frontal 21”.

Betzler directs at the Charité, a special consultation-hour for Party drugs. In the past, the pills contain around 100 milligrams of MDMA. Today, it is often twice to three times the dose.

Berlin has announced gepantschten drugs the fight

Why the pills are available in such high dosages, is unclear. Presumably, the drug can be better or for more money to sell. Possibly, the production conditions have improved in the last few years, more and more. Some experts, such as the Schildower circuit is a set for years for a liberal drug policy.

Carlo in an interview with “Frontal 21”: “Because it is illegal, no one wants to talk about it”

You believe, by the principle of the prohibition of drugs in the state to give control over the availability and purity of drugs. They are calling on the German Bundestag to create legal relation-way – so far without success. The Ministry of health adheres to the prohibitions. At the request of “Frontal 21”, writes the Ministry: “For the General preventive effect of criminal penalties, ( … ) speaks of the high proportion of persons who consume never use illegal drugs.”

The party city of Berlin has been adulterated and high doses of drugs, announced now the fight, at least a little. Soon to be introduced in the capital of the so-called Drug-Checking – as a nation-wide unique project. It provides rapid drug tests, so that consumers of prohibited drugs on the content and quality testing. High-dose pills were so quick to identify. The psychiatrist Felix Betzler is in favour of the project: “We assume that already is consumed and that is why it is support from a medical point of view to that of the consumer with the greatest possible Information on the part of the consumer takes place.”

For Jenifer, and many others, this Change comes too late. Carlo calls for a more open approach to the issue – also in order to loosen the taboo is a bit far: “people like to believe that their daughters and sons to take no drugs. The thought Jenifers parents, but Jenifer took drugs occasionally. People in the area. But because it is illegal, no one wants to talk about it.”

The full contribution to be running on Tuesday evening to 21 clock in the ZDF.

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