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Antisocial: expert explains why the mindset is of Impfgegnern so dangerous

Vaccination is a very emotional topic. No matter whether it’s children or the annual flu-vaccination – at the small syringe cooking up the emotions like. The diploma-biologist Sven Siebert, in collaboration with the children’s physician, Dr. Thomas Schmitz the book "Plain Text Impfen" written. It was the two experts is important to take the arguments of Impfgegnern and skeptics seriously and to address them from a scientific point of view.

GQ: Mr. Siebert how to Vaccinate the best in-depth information on the topic?

Sven Siebert: I have found that it is not so easy, neutral information to find. The best addresses in the Robert Koch Institute or the Federal centre for health education, of course. In the network, many of the allegations, however, without any scientific basis. For example, that measles vaccinations autism would trigger, or that Vaccination could lead to more allergies. (5 tips for healthier habits and more balance)

What exactly happens with a vaccination?

Sven Siebert: basically, the Same thing happens, what also happens when a pathogen infects The immune system forms antibodies. The immune response in case of a real infection, however, has a disadvantage: The immune system needs for a while, until it has produced enough antibodies. In the case of some pathogens, it is then too late to stop them yet.

After a vaccination, you are prepared for such an attack, however. You got killed or weakened pathogens injected into the body could react. When it comes to a real infection, the immune system will immediately defend itself. Therefore, getting Vaccinated is the case of many dangerous infectious diseases such as measles, polio or whooping cough is very effective, because it prevents the onset of the disease. (Sterilization of the man: For whom are you and what are the risks)

Immunizations have an Image Problem – because they are so effective. What does this mean?

Sven Siebert: Hardly anyone knows we still have diseases like Polio or diphtheria, therefore, is afraid of no one in front of it. Of course, one wonders then, why should you or his child at all opposed to vaccination. It is the danger of a lack of awareness that these are very serious diseases. In particular, the vaccines, the diseases in us as well as disappear.

The claim is that it is antisocial to not vaccinate. What exactly do you mean by that?

Sven Siebert: Who’s vaccinated, which protects not only himself and his children, but also prevents illnesses from spreading. If a lot of people – about 95 percent – vaccinate, a so-called herd immunity.

This also protects people who can not be vaccinated, such as Pregnant women must take, infants, HIV-Positive, or also people after an organ transplant, the drugs that weaken the immune system. This herd protection also opponents, of course, profit.

Who counts, in principle, to the largest Impfgegnern?

Sven Siebert: It is usually people with high education and a good income. Because you make with a certain degree of reason-skepticism, on the search for information and have the right to decide everything yourself, and to make especially properly: school, nutrition, sports… want to According to you can also opt for medical issues.

Then you will realize, however, that the theme is rather complex. In the case of vaccinations, it happens often that it pushes the decision on the long Bank and not or to late to vaccinate can be. (Also interesting: By #MeToo to Mans plaining: men under pressure in the company)

Actually, it is in the case of vaccinations, only a small prick – yet many of his first interview. How come?

Sven Siebert: vaccination causes a reaction in the body. It is healthy to the doctor, and suddenly you have a hurt, a swelling of the Arm or you will feel tired. In the case of parents, the child gets a syringe, when it is crying is not rare. When one reads of vaccine damage, one wonders perhaps whether you should or his child really hurt. In short: Vaccinate for many people is kind of creepy. Therefore, we need more information about the topic.

What information is most important?

Sven Siebert: It is generally true that you do not uncritically any recommendation familiar. It is the responsibility of the citizen, that he also asks state information behind. However, worldwide, there are thousands of scientists who review the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. And these scientists are not paid for all of the pharmaceutical industry.

There are hardly any medicines that are so well monitored, such as vaccines. The skepticism has led to, for example, the German Standing vaccination Committee in Germany, the Anti-corruption subject to rules is the same. Their members may not even have a coffee from the vaccine manufacturers pay. In Germany, every year there are tens of millions of vaccinations, but only individual cases of serious complications. The risk that in the case of a vaccination, something goes wrong, is much, much lower than the risk caused by an infectious disease.

Whence comes the widespread vaccination-skepticism?

Sven Siebert: There are actually only a small group of vehement opponents, the arguments are no longer accessible. Most people are simply insecure. These include studies, for example, the claim that vaccination against measles favors autism. An English physician, Andrew Wakefield, has set the 1998 world.

His study was not only scientifically weak, but she was manipulated. Wakefield has lost his license and the publication has been withdrawn. It is now clear that autism occurs when the child grows in the mother’s womb – so long, before it comes at all, with vaccines in touch. And yet these &quot haunts;Fake Science" from time to time. So we need more enlightenment. It has also been shown that it is useful, people active in your daily life to visit, and to make, for example, Impfangebote in companies and schools.

What do you think of a General vaccination, which is discussed again?

Sven Siebert: so Far, the vaccination Coverage in Germany for most of the diseases are quite high. A vaccination might help to reduce the number of those who, for example, the second measles-Mumps-rubella-chickenpox vaccine has simply been forgotten. The discussion about a mandatory vaccination but there is the risk that opponents in talk shows or Interviews will be invited, in which vaccination myths can spread further than you already have.

The Bundestag discussed a measles vaccination for Kindergarten kids, teachers, educators, and medical personnel. You may not create the false impression that other vaccinations against measles are so important and, therefore, can be neglected, so, for example, vaccination against rubella, diphtheria, or polio. And of course that would be exactly the wrong Signal.

This article was authored by (Maria Berentzen)

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