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Breakfast for better grades

Up to two grades better students are if you days at the school before ten o’clock something to eat. The surveys by researchers at the University of Leeds among young people of secondary school in the UK.

For the study, 294 students aged 16 to 18 years were questioned about their eating habits. 29 percent said rarely or never (on no more than one day of school per week) Breakfast, 18 per cent sometimes and 53% frequently (4 to 5 days per week). Those who rarely had Breakfast, cut off in maths and English and nearly two grades worse than those who regularly had Breakfast. The researchers report in the journal Frontiers in Public Health.

Study leader Dr Katie Adolphus from the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds, said: "Our study suggests that secondary school students are at a disadvantage when you get to the beginning of the school day, not a meal to Refuel your brain. The research suggests that poor diet is associated with poorer outcomes in school."

In great Britain the Problem of food poverty is estimated to grow to half a Million children hungry every day in the school. The British government has set up a national school feeding program through which needy pupils a free lunch is provided. Of the 1,800 schools in the most economically disadvantaged areas of England, students can also receive a free Breakfast.