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Clarifying Massage: A doctor risked a cardiac arrest, in order to save a patient

Tanned, cheerful, and with sports bag – a Mittsiebziger comes in the emergency room of a hospital. The doctors are surprised: The colleagues, in which the man was previously in treatment, had you reported the Patient had been revived. Typically, such patients are seriously ill and are often in an artificial coma. But not this man.

The Patient tells the Doctors what happened: He had become when diving in a lake unconscious and had to be resuscitated for 15 minutes again. Of the accident, he recovered quickly, however, it remained puzzling why the heart of the man suddenly stayed. Still at the resort tested doctors the most common triggers, and were surprised: the heart and lungs of the man were healthy. There was no evidence of blocked coronary arteries or a pulmonary embolism.

An emergency physician at the University hospital aims to solve the puzzling case. In fact, the doctor has a suspicion, but for the accurate diagnosis, he needs to apply a spectacular Test. The doctor meets all of the safety measures to be able to the man in the emergency revive. And starts with a special Massage.

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