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Countries want to malformations in newborns queries

The länder want to ill ask houses to malformations of the newborn. Background an accumulation of Hand malformations in newborns in Gelsenkirchen. Since it is unclear whether there is a cause, or whether it is a random accumulation, the health ministries of the countries now, nationwide, more information about similar malformations must be obtained.

Within three months of the Marien Hospital in Gelsenkirchen came in the Saint-Buer of three babies to the world, was formed in each of which a Hand missing. Previously, it had been there, according to the clinic for years, not a single such case. In the case of all three children, each a Hand was affected. This Hand-palm and fingers are created only in a rudimentary form.

Malformations of this kind, “for years, not seen”

“That now may be a random accumulation,” said the clinic, on your Website. “We find, however, the short period of time in which we now see these three cases is striking.” Malformations of this kind has not been seen in the clinic for many years.

Also in dates and Dorsten, two small cities in North Rhine-Westphalia, located in the vicinity of Gelsenkirchen, had been born in this year, two children with similar deformities.

After the messages have been Calls for a Central register of louder. So far, in Germany there is no systematic recording of such cases. The Ministry of health in NRW had already announced last week, all of the clinics of the Federal lands for similar malformations to query.

Spahn warns against speculation

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) was in principle open to such a Register, but warned about “unsettled by speculation of all kinds” people. “We draw only conclusions, if we know something,” he said.

The causes of such malformations are not understood in their entirety, but can be varied. In the discussion of physical causes, such as the Disconnection of the blood supply in the limb during embryonic development, but also genetic or toxic causes, or even the influence of specifically-acting viruses. Also random clusters may be possible.