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Ding Dong, the doctor is here! Like Cuba, with a house to visit Covid-19 fights

In Germany, the government wants to curb the rampant Corona pandemic with a mobile App, other countries rely on large-scale testing or thermal imaging cameras for measuring temperature of passers-by. Cuba has a different approach: day-to-day to go on the Caribbean island of thousands of Doctors and medical students, door-to-door looking for Infected. “We ask you if you have a fever, cough or other symptoms suggestive of Covid-19”, explains the student, Sheila Zaldívar during one of these patrols in a neighborhood in the West of the capital Havana.

In total, the Cuban government has thrown more than 28 000 medical students in the battle against the Coronavirus. Before their missions, they are trained in the 25 medical schools in the country to recognise the symptoms, then you’re going to have to together with Doctors. This is a bet that the people are honest and complaints actually show. “But a doctor sees, also, whether a Person has a fever or feel bad. It’s hard, because to tell a lie,” says the Doctor Yulideikis Rodríguez.

Cuban authorities do not fuck around

In authoritarian Cuba, people are used to social control and hard intrusions into their privacy in the meantime. In the fight against the Dengue squads of the Ministry of health, for example, on a regular basis in every house and every apartment and spraying insecticides. Who refuses to the may face stiff fines. Also in the corona of a crisis, the authorities of torches not last long: anyone Who violates the mask duty in the Public, have to pay 3000 Pesos (around 100 Euro), equivalent to about four times the average monthly salary in Cuba.

With the mask in the Park.

The Cuban doctors will benefit especially from the fact that you know your patient is usually very good. The whole country is covered by a dense network of neighborhood clinics: Every few streets has a General practitioner, his practice and care for the residents of the surrounding Blocks. Antonio, for example, a Doctor Rodríguez has in these days a very special eye. “Even before this Virus, I was in treatment,” says the asthmatics. Now he comes every day in the doctor’s practice to be with an Aerosol to improve lung function treated.

According to official data, have been infected in Cuba, only about 2300 people confirmed with the novel Coronavirus, a good 80 patients have died in connection with the lung disease Covid-19. After, there was hardly any new deaths, said President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the situation was under control. Critics of the government, at the official figures in doubt. “We don’t trust the data the government,” said the doctor Eduardo Cardet in opposition radio Martí.

Corona in Brazil

“If You have no money and you don’t want you infecting, You can only pray to God and also to make the most of”

Brazil as the new Hotspot of Corona. There, over 1000 people die every day from Covid-19. We talked with the German painter Jan Siebert, experienced in Salvador de Bahia, that the growing desperation of the people.

Cuba is proud of its health care and free care for all citizens. With 59 Physicians per 100 000 inhabitants, Cuba has the world according to the world health organization (WHO), the highest density of Doctors. In Germany, 34 physicians per 100 000 inhabitants, with a global average of just 13. Recently, Cuba sent even doctors brigades, for example, to Italy, to help in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Lack Of Equipment

The massive deployment of personnel, however, cannot obscure the fact that there is a lack of modern medical technology, often. The is in the Corona-crisis is particularly clear: Just 2000 Test can carry out the socialist Caribbean island per day – and that was only thanks to a donation from China. However, if a Corona-identified Patient, he is in a hospital. All contact persons for 14 days in a quarantine station.

“The difficulty lies in the asymptomatic patients. If you show no symptoms, it is difficult to identify them,” says medical student José Ángel Aquino. The representative of the pan American health organization, José Moya, holds the Cuban method, yet effective: “you allowed it to identify persons with Covid-19-the symptoms of quickly, the infection chains rapidly break and the patients to treat early in order to avoid severe courses of the disease.”

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