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Feeling unwell and Overweight? This is often related to yeast, fungi, and hardly anyone knows it

Candida yeast mushrooms sit in almost every intestinal. They begin to proliferate, makes the digestive system weak and we to take. Remedy a diet that promotes “good” intestinal bacteria, and everything omitted, which tastes Candida fungi.

Candida is a yeast fungus that belongs in small amounts of the natural “residents” of our organism. He lives in a different sub-species on the skin and mucous membranes, but also in the intestine.

Candida is harmless as long as the fungus occurs only in small quantity. He will, however, start to proliferate, for example, in the mouth of a thrush called plaque, in the genital area itching and a whitish discharge and in the intestine to digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, or both alternating, cramps and severe bloating. In addition, a Candida power attack tired and sluggish. Unwanted Extra-pounds not long to wait.

The yeast fungus just loves sugar as a dietary

In the intestine can make Candida wide, if the natural bacteria colony gets out of balance. Often this is the result of an antibiotic treatment. But it is also a battered immune system can make Candida proliferate. And finally, a high sugar consumption is the basis for Candida to expand yeast cells and the harmful fungus to the intestines interior wall covering.


A strong Candida infestation can be controlled by a drug Anti-fungal treatment. But Candida is in the intestines by a specific diet. With skillful combination of the appropriate food also several pounds to fall.

More "gute" Intestinal bacteria produce

The (Anti) Candida diet relies on food, the more and more “good” intestinal bacteria to grow, so those that ensure a regular and rapid digestion and the Candida fungus to push back.

The Central screw of the diet is the far-reaching renunciation of the sugar, the favorite food of Candida fungus. Quickly digestible carbohydrates, and lactose-rich dairy products should disappear for a while from the dining plan. Are allowed instead of vegetables that contain little starch, fruit, low-Sugar, gluten-free cereals, and healthy proteins.

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Candida-fighting can take weeks or months

The Candida diet is not necessary, but can be started with a few “Detox”days. Only water, herbal teas, steamed vegetables, seasoning herbs and a good olive Oil should be consumed.

The actual diet can take several weeks to several months. The dining plan is well-balanced and should provide all the important nutrients. The waiver remains, for example:

  • Sugar, sugar substitute, and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • that is easily assimilable carbohydrates, such as pasta and baked goods made from white flour
  • Vegetables with a lot of starch (potatoes, but legumes)
  • Fruit with a high sugar content (grapes, Mango, dried fruits)
  • Ready meals and processed foods
  • Coffee and alcohol
  • red meat and sausages.

Are allowed during the diet weeks:

  • Low-Sugar Fruits (Berries, Citrus Fruit)
  • Strength low vegetables, such as peppers, fennel, carrots, tomatoes, spinach
  • Whole-grain products and gluten-free cereals
  • Lean meat and fish
  • Garden herbs and spices
  • Cold-pressed Oils, such as olive, walnut or Flaxseed oil
  • Low-fat dairy products, especially yogurt, with its probiotic bacteria.

In addition, food should be in the dining plan, which is active against Candida yeast are at least proven in the laboratory:

  • Garlic combats with the active ingredient Allicin, the Candida yeast fungi.
  • Coconut oil with its lauric acid antifungal effect.
  • The dye Curcumin in the turmeric spice kills Candida yeasts.
  • Kombucha – its polyphenols kill the Candida fungi.

Shed the pounds by the way

Because the Candida dispensed diet consistently on the most fattening foods, will disappear automatically excess pounds. And then back to normal functioning of the gut helps to keep the new weight and the fit body.

The mushroom is defeated in the intestine, they may add back the forbidden foods in the diet. But fast food, fat, and highly sugared food, you will not taste it after the diet probably.Our PDF guide shows how you can lose weight easier, relaxation, stronger and fitter. Plus: the best Doctors. To the PDF guide