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For example, electric devices off – with these tips get you through the heat

The summer has arrived in Germany. Of Freud, the other suffering: Because high temperatures can be very exhausting. But what is best against the heat wave?

Stiftung Warentest examined 2018 air-conditioning units. So-called split units, with a separate outer part, therefore, more efficient than mono devices blow the exhaust air via a hose out the window.

Split units cool the room in under 10 minutes. However, they are up to 2800 euros is not exactly cheap, they also consume a lot of electricity.

In order to expel warm air from the apartment, you should ventilate early in the morning and at night. During the day, Windows should remain closed.

Outdoor blinds, the heat shield is best. Interior blinds should be light, or coated to reflect the sun’s rays.

Sun protection foils, which are glued directly on the glass, especially if you are in Südfenstern to.

By air and fans a welcome refreshment. But be careful: In the case of drafts, the risk of neck pain is tension and irritated mucous membranes.

Technology spreads a lot of heat. Turn off on hot days, all the appliances or lights that are not needed, the electricity also saves costs.

Before falling Asleep, a cool, but not cold shower is recommended. From dry to thoroughly, the cools the body in addition. Lightweight Cotton pyjamas to take welding because what many underestimate: during the Night the body out of sweat on average half a Liter of fluid.